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Purchasing Property

Whether it’s a bigger family home or your first investment unit, Empire can help you locate, negotiate and even fund your next property purchase, saving you time, money and heartache.

Ask yourself this and find out if a buyer agent can help you.

Why are so many people readily prepared to put the sale of their property into the hands of a real estate agent, yet reluctant to engage an expert to help them buy one? It doesn’t make financial sense, as the stakes are probably higher when buying.

Part of the reason is that people feel that buying property is an intensely personal process. Yes of course, it’s really important to get the perfect home for your requirements but, as with many other areas of life, expertise and knowledge counts for a lot in making a good long term decision.

Empire has both expertise and knowledge in spades. When purchasing an investment property, it may be to your advantage to actively remove your personal perceptions from the process. After all you are buying the place to make money, not to live in.

As we are in the property market 24/7, Empire has a finger on the pulse of Australia’s highly dynamic market. And given that a large number of properties sell without being publicly advertised, Empire can give you access to property sales you may not otherwise see.

Empire is flexible so you can engage us as you need, If you only require our help to negotiate with a seller, or you want one of our experts to represent you at auction, we can arrange either of these services on a limited-fee basis.

Empire can help you buy property in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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