Our most successful investors invest in their own learning and regularly cite this as one of their inspirations to get into property investing. Discover what they know today.

Autumn Opportunities for Investors

Shortly, autumn will be upon us. Along with cooler weather the season is bringing great opportunities for people looking to buy a home or investment property. From my extensive years in the property industry I have learnt that autumn is one of the best times to buy – not only for investment properties but for […]

Asking discounts for your property investments?

Everyone loves a bargain and no one wants to pay full price, so when it comes to property, how much should you offer, and is a discount always a good thing? There are a number of websites that will give you details of the average discounting per property in the area, i.e. what the property […]

Five warning signs that a property is a bad investment

I am a firm believer that when it comes to property investment there isn’t one single ‘right strategy’ that suits everyone. Choosing a successful strategy should come down to your personality and, to end with the most positive result, the following should be taken into consideration: your attitude to risk, time availability, skill, and financial […]

Sydney Seminar: What, Where and How to buy in 2015?

6:00pm Wed 11th February Come and listen to Property Expert, Chris Gray (host of ‘Your Property Empire’ on Sky News) talk about the fundamentals of investing in property and what is in store for 2015. In addition, Myles Thornton (Partner, Ark Advisory) will present on how to structure your property to make the most of […]

Five tenant red flags

Selecting the right tenant for your investment property can be tough, especially when you want to get someone in there paying rent straight away. Many people make the mistake of not paying attention to the quality of the tenant – as long as they have rented the property and are achieving a high rent they’re […]

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