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Growing your property portfolio

As the host of ‘Your Property Empire’ Fridays on Sky News Business Channel, I’ve been lucky enough to speak to some of Australia’s best property specialists and researchers and ask them questions about how to make money from property. What do all these people identify as the key to their success? It is the importance […]

Holiday home investment – what to consider before purchasing

I always smile when someone chats to me about their holiday home investment. They start the conversation describing how much they enjoy spending time there with friends and family and how beautiful it is. They end the conversation trying to justify to me that it’s actually an investment by explaining how much it rents for […]

Should you worry about the suburb vacancy rate

When you’re looking to buy an investment property, it’s essential to pick the right suburb. While it’s possible to change the property you’ve bought over time by renovating, it’s not possible to move its physical location. Whilst the future capital growth of the suburb is one of the most important factors, it’s the rent that […]

10 Tips for Maximizing Capital Growth and Yields

Property has to resonate with the heart and the mind, but when making a purchase it is fundamental to make a financial decision before making an emotional one. Unfortunately, some buyers get so excited about buying a property they often make choices with their heart – which are usually a poor ones. Before purchase it […]

Selling to property investors: a whole different ballgame

If you want a client who has the finances, motivation and market knowledge to buy from you time and again, will make a quick decision and is a potential future vendor or landlord, it would be a great idea to get more property investors on your books. So how do you approach selling to investors […]

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