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Rent while building a multi-million dollar property portfolio

With property prices continuing to soar across the country, first home buyers and investors are looking for easier ways to enter the property market, yet still build wealth for retirement. Is renting and building a property portfolio possible? One of Australia’s property thought leaders Chris Gray has the answer– rent while building a property portfolio, […]

Renovating for Profit

If you want to maximise your price when selling or your rent return when investing, renovated properties will always get more money than unrenovated ones. Whilst the TV shows make it look easy, in reality most people know someone that has a renovation nightmare story, if not themselves, one of their friends or colleagues. Budgets […]

Units – best to buy in a big block or small block?

When buying a unit, either to live in or for an investment, you have to consider if you’d prefer to purchase in a large block with 50-100 units, or a more boutique building with perhaps only 12. So what are the advantages of each, and what are the factors you should consider? Advantages of buying […]

Should you be worried about high strata fees?

Often when people tell me about the investment unit they’ve recently purchased, they describe how beautiful it is and detail the list of impressive amenities in the building. While it brings a smile to their face, it often brings a worried look to mine. This is because they often see these amenities as a benefit […]

Why do smart investors shy away from hotspots?

Everyone loves a bargain, and a bargain in a property hotspot is even better. A cheap property in a booming area can seem like a great buy as it provides an affordable starting point into the property market and a way to gain immediate equity. However, these bargains may only be profitable in the short […]

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