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What is the best property investing strategy for me?

Understanding real estate investments from a buyers perspective One of the most common questions i get is ‘What property investing strategy is right for me and how does it compare to alternatives such as shares?’. One of my clients has recently gone through that journey with his adviser, Deloitte Private, and he shared his experience […]

Should you invest for rental yield or capital gain?

One of the biggest dilemma’s in property investing circles is whether you should invest for rental yield or capital gain. This is a debate that will probably never be won – it really does depend on your investment timeframe, your other income, cash flow and the amount of equity you have available, and most importantly […]

Are you a Rentvestor?

Last weekend I spoke at the Sydney property Expo about the concept of renting your family home (as opposed to buying it) and building a portfolio of investment properties instead. The Telegraph coined the phrase “Rentvestor’ to describe people that have this alternative strategy – read the story of one of our clients. And Money […]

Sydney property market: Are the rich getting richer in 2016

There’s lots of talk in the media about the market coming off the boil, clearance rates dropping and speculation that there will be bargains around the corner. Unfortunately I don’t see it that way, especially if you are looking for median priced properties in the blue chip inner city suburbs around Sydney. You need to […]

Renting: For richer or poorer?

Most high income earners think that renting is for those who are worse off financially and that owning your home is not only a marker of success it’s a better long-term financial decision. Everyone knows renting is dead money – right? But what if this long held Australian belief is actually wrong? How do the […]

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