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Top 10 mistakes of new landlords

By RUN Property CEO Rob Farmer

Successful property investors have practices that maximise their ability to secure properties with the greatest capital growth and strongest rental return.

Dealing with thousands of investors throughout Australia over the years has also highlighted the repeated mistakes that many people make. Generally, these owners think that property investment is too hard, risky or time consuming, but with the correct strategies you can avoid their pitfalls.

Eight Keys To Finding A Successful Investment Property

As we specialise in buying investment properties, our knowledge is finetuned to that market. Over the years we discovered that the success of a good property investment comes from working with 8-main keys and they are:

Key 1: Buy in the Median Price Range

Just like there are tens if not hundreds of property markets within Sydney there are many median price ranges. As we deal in competitive, blue-chip suburbs we tend to work with budgets that are between $500,000 - $850,000.

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How to renovate for profit (and do nothing yourself)

‘You make your money when you buy’ is a common saying among property investors. I prefer to think ‘if you have twice as much property, you make twice as much money’. My personal strategy is to own lots of property in high capital growth areas as in the long term it’s almost guaranteed to make money. However, if I can also make a profit on day one, then that really is the icing on the cake.

Property vs. Shares – an “apples to apples” comparison

With the recent lacklustre performance of the sharemarket and the rising popularity of property in self managed super funds, it’s no wonder the “property vs. shares” debate has flared up again. Being pro-property myself though, I thought it best to really look at the numbers first before I came out with guns blazing.

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