Our most successful investors invest in their own learning and regularly cite this as one of their inspirations to get into property investing. Discover what they know today.

Why property can be your ticket to freedom

Investing in residential property is attractive to many, but a vast number of would-be investors shy away from, or procrastinate, getting into the market. It is a common perception that property ownership can limit your freedom – but nothing could be further from the truth. Smart investors focus on steadily building up their portfolio and their reward is a dependable asset that affords them a fantastic lifestyle.

6 ways to buy like a Buyers Agent

People are often asking us what the market is like and whether it’s the right time to buy. They’re often surprised that even with today’s uncertainties we still face a lot of competition trying to secure good quality units – even in today’s market there could be up to 10 contracts out on a property we’re looking to secure.

Adding Value, Not Risk

By Kristy Lee, Hamptons Property Services

When considering what work is required to an investment property, whether this is done prior to purchasing it as part of the astute investor’s feasibility, or when looking to improve the value of an existing asset, it is easy to get carried away with spending money on capital items without considering risk.

The mindset of successful investors

By RUN Property CEO Rob Farmer

Have you ever read about a 24-year-old on an average salary who owns four investment properties? Or the single mum who bought her first property out of desperation for a better life and accumulated a $5 million portfolio within a few years?

How To Get The Best Rental Return On Your Investment Property

When buying an investment property, the most important factor to the majority of people is capital growth – making money in the long term.

However, not many people would turn their back on also having a good rental return. Why shouldn’t you have it all?

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