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Little cost, big yield

By RUN Property CEO Rob Farmer

Property owners can substantially increase the cashflow from their investments – and accelerate the growth of their property portfolio – by doing minor and often inexpensive improvements.

It is amazing how many landlords overlook the presentation and renovation of their investment properties when a few carefully spent dollars can make the world of difference to the appearance of the property and therefore competition to rent it.

Christmas time Is Real Estate Grinding To A Halt, Or Is It?

I feel that one of the biggest myths in the Real Estate Industry is that the “spring auction period” is the best time to buy and sell and that the property market dies in December and January.

Personally I’ve had some of my best selling and buying experiences around this happy (or maybe silly is a better word?!) time of year. With more time to ponder their needs, people are often more focused on the job of buying and selling properties. And sometimes, vendors will sharpen their pencils so that their property is snapped up before Christmas and New Year!

Put Cash In Your Pocket With a Renovation Loan

Traditionally when you purchased an investment property you would apply for finance from the banks while the remaining costs such as stamp duty, legal fees and renovation costs would have to come out of your own pocket.

These days though many people have equity in their property, so owners are allowed to refinance and draw down on that equity, creating a “cash allowance” for improvements without having to dip into hard-earned savings.

But what if you don’t have enough equity or savings to fund that much needed renovation, and can you justify the spend if you were to carry it out?

Why property can be your ticket to freedom

Investing in residential property is attractive to many, but a vast number of would-be investors shy away from, or procrastinate, getting into the market. It is a common perception that property ownership can limit your freedom – but nothing could be further from the truth. Smart investors focus on steadily building up their portfolio and their reward is a dependable asset that affords them a fantastic lifestyle.

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