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Coogee a hotspot, and not just for reformed bad boys of rugby

By Larry Schlesinger 
Friday, 09 March 2012

Suburbs close to beaches and the harbour feature prominently in John McGrath’s list of top 10 capital growth hotspots for 2012.

Most notably, Coogee in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is the only location included as a hotspot for houses and units.

10 cheap and easy ways to boost your rent

A woman who had owned three investment properties for years approached me recently because she thought they were not earning as much as they could. We found that all of the properties were rented at much less than market value – and she was missing out on $17,000 a year in rent.

The simplest way for her to improve her properties’ performance was to put up the rent in line with other comparable properties. But most owners will have to be more creative to generate greater income from their investment properties.

Financial Game Changer #2: Using Principal & Interest Loans

Investors say don’t do it, but after reading this you may disagree. I was always told that as an investor I should be using Interest Only loans as they made my payments more affordable and I could leverage into the next property quicker. Reality has proven different though and there is hidden value in using a Principal & Interest Loan.

Myth #2
Paying down your loan using a Principal & Interest Repayment is a waste of time. Smart investors use Interest Only Loans.

Why Use A Buyers Agent And How Does It All Work?

Saving Time:

Time is money – your money! At Empire, looking at potential investment properties most days gives us a sharp eye for the right investment property and a day-by-day understanding of the property market.

Even if it takes a Buyer’s Agent 8-weeks to find the perfect property, you, the client are involved in very little of the stress or negotiation that leads to a successful result.

Enjoy the luxury of more time for family and friends while again giving your career 100% of your attention.

Tune in to my new show

Just to let you know I have a new show on Sky News Business Channel called “Your Property Empire”. It airs from 6.30pm through to 7pm every Friday night and includes:

  • The latest property news
  • Purchase or Pass - My take on the pros and cons of specific investment properties
  • Strategy review of a viewers property plan
  • Property statistics from around the country with Charles Tarbey, CEO of Century 21

I hope you enjoy the new format. It's also downloadable as a podcast on iTunes.


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