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10 things to consider before purchasing property in Super

Even though Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF's) have been allowed to borrow since 2007, Australians have only recently started to embrace the strategy. Here are 10 pointers that are essential if you're thinking of purchasing property in your SMSF.

Are you wanting to grow your business faster and stand out from the crowd?

If you run your own business and are interested in setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd then you may want to join me at this upcoming event. On the 30th June in Sydney, 5 of the Australia’s top entrepreneurs are presenting a 5 step formula to becoming one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry. No hype. No hard sales. No BS.

Australia’s Economy On The Up – Interest Rates Going Down

Recently, I was lucky enough to hear Craig James, CommSec's Chief Economist, talk at a luncheon and the optimism in the room on the state of Australia’s economy was palpable.

According to Mr. James, who is without doubt one of the sharpest brains on Australia’s economy, we are in excellent shape and he offered some undeniable facts to back this up:

Double your money in the first full financial year – Guaranteed!

As we move to the end of the financial year it’s essential we’re getting the most out of our investments. If you’ve never thought about getting a depreciation schedule before, I have an offer for you that may make you reconsider.

Many people think that depreciation schedules are the home of new investments, with deductible claims being confined to 40 years over the life of the building structure and 15 years on the fittings and fixtures. Current tax legislation also states that any property built before 18th of July 1985 cannot claim the capital works allowance as a deduction.

Market Update – Who should you be listening to?

It’s hard to know where to turn these days. A number of top stories were released this week that provided an insight into our economic and property markets. Banks were up, rates were down. That’s all well and good some say, but without the driving force of confidence, are we doomed for decline?

This week we saw the RBA drop interest rates by a full 0.5% - normally great cause for relief.

On the same day this week ANZ announced a record first half profit of close to $3 billion. As pillars of the community this should make us all rest easy given that they took the brunt of things throughout the global financial crisis…

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