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3 great ‘take-aways’ from the Property Experts at this year’s Home Buyer Show

The Home Buyer and Investor Show always has some great industry leaders up on stage keeping us abreast of the latest figures and strategies, and this year was no exception. For those of you who missed out, here are three of the most interesting and insightful take-aways from the weekend.

“It’s more difficult to get a loan if you’re pregnant” – Effie Zahos
An interesting point from Effie Zahos of Money Magazine and one to note if you’re looking to start a family and get on the property ladder at the same time. Because of the expenses involved with giving birth and raising a child, the bank may downgrade the ability to service your loan. This could mean a lower level of finance or a decline on the loan altogether.

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Home Buyers Show

Don’t miss us at the Home Buyer Show this year!

Come and see Australia’s leading property event dedicated to educating property buyers of all levels.

Chris Gray will be holding seminars across 3 days that will cover topics such as pros and cons of buying second hand or new properties and how to ensure your renovation goes to plan.

Looking for a great investment property under $400k?

Many of you will have understood that the main Empire investing strategy is buying blue chip, 2 bed units with parking in blue chip suburbs, close to, but not in, the CBD.

However we realize some rules are meant to be flexible and some investors maybe be looking for more affordable properties, due to serviceability or to fit within a self managed super fund.

What are the highest capital growth suburbs to buy in?

There's two lines of thought when it comes to picking suburbs (1) trying to pick the next hotspot or (2) going for the guaranteed blue chip. Personally I've always preferred a guarantee as when times are tough you don't want your bank to come and margin call your property (like they do in shares) and in the good times you want to be the first to realise a profit. There's generally no bargains when buying into those blue chip suburbs as there's plenty of demand, but you pay for what you get - pay a fair price and you get a great investment that ticks all the boxes.

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