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For those of you looking to get a deeper insight into the investment potential of Sydney’s suburbs, check out my free Monthly Marketplace Suburb Report which you can now access through my Facebook page.

This is more than just a suburb overview you can download from regular property websites. This Report compiles research from a number of industry sources and includes future growth rates, demographics, rental yields, schools in the area and information that the general public rarely has access to.

How to buy and negotiate like a professional and bag a bargain

Buying property cheaply isn’t about ripping off unsuspecting sellers or finding a never-before-seen, too good to be true deal. Professionals make money from property by understanding the market and knowing what to buy.

It’s true that buying a property for less than market value does make you money, but as you can only buy the property cheaply once you will only make a profit once. A property in a bad area may be priced cheaply but if no one wants to buy or rent it from you, there is little chance of achieving significant capital gains.

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An Exciting Rental Market Makes Property Investing Even More Enticing

There are many reasons that the Sydney property market makes good, strong investment sense and while long-term capital growth is a given, right now, rental yields are also going from strength to strength.

With tenant demand increasing for apartment living, especially closer to the CBD in established areas, Australian Property Monitors posted a 4.4 % increase for unit rents in the June quarter. Add to this that there are not enough new dwellings being built to keep up with local demand and that created by immigration and there’s no reason that this trend won’t continue.

3 great ‘take-aways’ from the Property Experts at this year’s Home Buyer Show

The Home Buyer and Investor Show always has some great industry leaders up on stage keeping us abreast of the latest figures and strategies, and this year was no exception. For those of you who missed out, here are three of the most interesting and insightful take-aways from the weekend.

“It’s more difficult to get a loan if you’re pregnant” – Effie Zahos
An interesting point from Effie Zahos of Money Magazine and one to note if you’re looking to start a family and get on the property ladder at the same time. Because of the expenses involved with giving birth and raising a child, the bank may downgrade the ability to service your loan. This could mean a lower level of finance or a decline on the loan altogether.

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