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Getting started in property – when everyone says you can’t

Increasing property prices, rising interest rates and declining housing affordability have many young people worried whether they will ever be able to buy a house.

Thousands of renters have been priced out of the home ownership market and fear a lifetime of paying to reduce someone else’s mortgage, while many young adults continue living in their family home largely because they can’t afford to move out.

Is your rental property reaching it’s full potential?

Too often I’m confronted with rental properties that are poorly presented and make it difficult for any prospective tenants to picture themselves living in the property, much less paying to live there.

Much like property sales were transformed by the impeccable presentation and positioning of...

The Key To Property Investment Success? Build Your Power Team

In my experience, I find two of the main things that prevent people from making solid, capital growth on their investment properties are:

1. Not Doing Enough Homework

Making unwise decisions, based on heart not head, on properties that, to the professional eye, were always lemons.

How to buy and negotiate like a professional and bag a bargain – Part 2

Smart investors know that when purchasing property, buying the right property hardly ever means buying the absolute cheapest property.

Researching the market and networking are crucial when looking to bag a bargain. It’s also equally important to be in the know in regards to silent sales, have a strategy when at auctions.

Act with timeliness if you want a successful....

Method of Purchase – How To Get Those Contracts Exchanged

There are many selling and buying methods in Real Estate all of which can be pretty hair-raising for the novice.

The main two and most commonly known are Auction and Private Treaty. Here’s how to navigate your way through them to a successful purchase:


An auction is the most transparent way to buy and sell property and once that hammer drops, the property is sold – there is no cooling off period.

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