Our most successful investors invest in their own learning and regularly cite this as one of their inspirations to get into property investing. Discover what they know today.

Gifts From Times Past

Parts of America and Europe may have the festive look and feel of Christmas but even with all that snow and quaintness, Australia is the gift that keeps on giving.

Guide To Cheap Home Loans: what to watch out for?

Property expert Chris Gray says that the way to save more pennies is to concentrate on buying better.

As a property investor for more than a decade, I’ve taken out dozens of mortgages. It might surprise you, but I’ve never really spent much time sourcing the lowest interest rates, admin fees or best add-ons such as offset or redraw accounts. Instead, I’ve always focussed on buying well and being able to buy more property – and have long advocated this strategy to other home buyers and investors. 

What to look for in a property manager

Last month I talked about some of the most effective things your property manager could do to achieve a high rental return. But are they the right person for the job? Here are some of the things you need to be looking out for when you choose a quality property manager.

Three Ways To Safeguard Your Investment Property

We Australians are generally an optimistic bunch which makes this a great place to be on so many levels, but sometimes it’s good to spend a little extra and cover our tracks. Buying an investment property is hugely exciting and when done properly, it is without doubt, one of the best ways to build wealth. However, to get to that fantastic, long-term capital growth you need to ensure that you can hang onto your property year-on-year and to do that you need to insure yourself.

Getting started in property – when everyone says you can’t

Increasing property prices, rising interest rates and declining housing affordability have many young people worried whether they will ever be able to buy a house.

Thousands of renters have been priced out of the home ownership market and fear a lifetime of paying to reduce someone else’s mortgage, while many young adults continue living in their family home largely because they can’t afford to move out.

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