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How to make the most of your income

As you may very well know from first-hand experience or witnessing it happening to someone else, a high salary doesn’t always equal wealth. Money isn’t very likely to spontaneously turn into more money but real estate has the ability to all but guarantee you a return. Investing in a property can be a great way to ensure your income and financial freedom into the future but the question remains, what can you do to make the most of your income?

2013 – Your New Year Renovations

You may know what your New Year Resolutions are for 2013 but what about your New Year Renovations? Now that 2013 has really kicked in, whether you’re planning for it to be full of hard work and consolidation, family time and fun or more study or travel, make sure you renovate your finances including those wrapped up in your properties.

Buying Property In Super Seminar – March 5th 2013

Following the strong interest of property in Self Managed Super Funds, we're pleased to invite you to our first seminar of 2013 – Buying Property in Super.

7 Principles for Investing into 2013

Although you’ll hear all about New Years Resolutions come January, for me that’s a little too late. Here are my 7 investment principles to help you frame your property strategy so that you can hit the ground running for 2013.

How to find and secure a property before it goes to market

It’s in uncertain economic times like these that many investors are out hunting for bargains, seeing what’s fallen over at auction and who is desperate to sell before the bank forces them to. I’m not. I’ve done the maths and have worked out that while it’s great to bag a bargain, more often than not, the bargains are either in outer regions or at a high price point. There are bargains in the outer regions because there’s less of a shortage of land, more properties to choose from and most of the properties are similar. At the expensive end of the property market, many have lots their jobs or are trying to cut back and no one wants to take on a $2m+ mortgage. All in all, these are volatile properties that come crashing down in the tough times.

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