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Mining Towns Losing Their Shine?

Recently there have been some stirrings around mining town investments as vacancy rates in key areas have started to increase. Combine this with the recent findings in the ABS’s Australian Social Trends Report and we start to get a clearer picture that the tide may be turning for mining towns.

Why Buying A Bargain Isn’t Always The Best Deal

We often see alerts in the media about property hotspots – cheap suburbs about to boom – or the ‘bargain of the week’. Purchasing a cheap property in a booming area can be an excellent move, as it provides an affordable entry point into the property market and a chance to build some equity. But […]

Positive Cash Flow or Capital Gain?

There’s been an ongoing debate in property investing circles about whether you should invest in positive cash flow properties (those where the rent is more than your mortgage) or capital gain ones (those where the rent doesn’t cover the mortgage, but tend to rise more in value). Let’s examine objectively which option would suit investors […]

The 5 Most Expensive Mistakes in Renovations

Recently, we did a case study on Sky Business outlining one of our renovation projects as well as some of the things that most people get wrong when renovating. If you missed it then here’s your chance to brush up before you dive into your next project. 1. Buying On Emotion We’ve all seen the […]

How to Guarantee a Buy Before Auction

Popular properties often achieve their best prices when taken through the auction process, taking advantage of emotional buyers willing to spend on the big day. While this may be true in many cases, the better properties (especially median-priced ones) in the better suburbs are often in hot demand and sell well before auction. So when you find that perfect property, how can you guarantee you’ll secure it rather than someone else?

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