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Surging Confidence Set To Buyers Agents Sydney

Recently QBE LMI published some hard data into property market sentiment that revealed surging investor confidence, a preference to enter the market post election and areas identified as favourites for the coming year.

Beware the dangling carrot attached to new developments

As an urban dweller I find scooters insanely practical for city living. However, I have to admit that it was purely an emotional purchase that made me jump at the iconic Italian brand (3 times the price of the nearest Asian model) rather than practicality. There is nothing like whizzing down to the beach on […]

Are There Profits To Be Made In Executive Leasing?

Executive rentals are appealing to many investors because they often attract higher rents. The reason is that they appeal to a niche market: executives who relocate from interstate or overseas for work but don’t want to live in a hotel, nor do they want the hassle of moving their own furniture.

Looking for expert advice for the next cycle of property investment?

I will be hosting a free seminar for prospective property investors and would love to see you there. Spending a couple of hours of your time, could potentially save you a fortune in the long run! Topics covered include the latest property market movements, factors to consider when purchasing an investment property, financing your investment, […]

Looking for an edge in the property market?

View our recent interview on Sky Business News where I’m interviewed by Chris on the benefits and strategies employed by Buyers Agents when purchasing investment property. Hot topics we cover include: How do the professionals search and negotiate for property? What do professional property buyers do differently to the general public and why? Established property […]

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