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Chris Gray’s tips for climbing the property ladder

Property and renovations can be for anyone, it all comes down to your goals and dreams and how much you want them. When you’re starting out and have limited financials it is tough but the sooner you get on the ladder, the sooner your equity grows and you can start duplicating. Caution: the quicker you […]

How to keep a clear head on auction day

While there is no doubt that prices are moving at a frenetic pace in places like Sydney and Melbourne, it’s clear that some buyers are getting caught up in the “fear of missing out” syndrome, paying far too much at auction for properties that have very little going for them.

Have you ever thought about buying a property in your super?

If implemented correctly, this strategy can be a great wealth creation tool. If implemented incorrectly, the consequences can be financially severe. With the recent media buzz around the ‘property boom’ and changes to the lending and superannuation rules, now is a great time to understand the strategy in detail and if it is appropiate for […]

Will Garages be Worth More Than a Bedroom One Day?

Anyone whom has read “The Effortless Empire” By Chris Gray will know that we only purchase investment properties with at least one off-street car space.

How To Buy Hot Property In a Sellers Market

As prices in some of Australia’s stronger residential markets such as Sydney and parts of Melbourne continue to increase, it’s wise to know which way the market’s heading and adjust your expectations accordingly.

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