Our most successful investors invest in their own learning and regularly cite this as one of their inspirations to get into property investing. Discover what they know today.

Building a Support Squad

Nobody is an expert at every endeavor. It makes sense to focus your time on what you excel on, while bringing in professionals to help with other tasks and commitments. Most of us don’t bat an eyelid outsourcing to personal trainers, cleaners, even dog walkers – so why wouldn’t you bring in professional help when […]

Keeping An Eye On Property Supply

While many investors are keen to identify areas of strong demand, it’s equally important to understand the supply side of the equation and how an increase in development in an area can effect long term price growth. At a basic level, when the supply of property stays fixed and demand in that area increases, prices […]

Property Sales Demystified

Every vendor wants to achieve the best possible price for their property when it goes to market; however the majority remain confused about the best sales technique to get results. There’s a good reason why everyone is so confused – there is no absolute right or wrong method. As someone who buys properties for a […]

What does “For Sale By Auction” really mean?

For most buyers’ agents, “For Sale By Auction” does not mean much. For us, there is very little difference between a property for sale by “Private Treaty”, “Negotiation” and “Auction”. There are definitely certain properties and times when there will be an auction and nothing can be done to buy the property before the given […]

Why location is still king of the castle

We’ve all heard the term location, location, location, but is location the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a property? Often location is the biggest factor, but not for the reasons you may think. Of all the criteria that comes along with owning a property, the location and all its related components – area, […]

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