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Understanding yields when buying your long-term investment property

I recently had a client give me a brief for his next investment property.  One of the first things that I noticed is that is was identical to the brief he emailed me a year ago. The problem lies in that the property market in this beach side suburb of Bondi had moved quite a […]

Buying in a boom market

There is no doubt that the property market is heating up in many parts of Australia. Consequently, this has resulted in more buyers pushing the price up as well as more sellers choosing to go to auction rather than selling. So here are seven tips to follow to ensure you secure the right home or […]

Be Careful of What You Read

One of the biggest challenges we face as buyers agents specialising in certain areas is the press. Now I’m not saying that property related articles in newspapers are bad; in fact they are a great research tool to add to your arsenal.

Work-life balance through property

Most of us regard work-life balance as something of a holy grail; we’re on a continuous quest for it, we know it’s there, but somehow it continues to elude us. Few people realise it’s often how you make your income and what you do with it that is the key to achieving balance.

The No.1 Secret to Building a Successful Property Portfolio

The last 6 to 12 months has seen solid growth in the property market, with Sydney and Melbourne experiencing over 10% growth in some areas. But now that the gains have been made, is it time to sell and take the profits or are there other ways to use the newly acquired equity with greater […]

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