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Equip yourself for successful investments

I have numerous properties in my portfolio, which I keep adding to every year, which I never sell and which fund the lifestyle I had always dreamed of. Anyone can do the same if they stick to a few key decisions and stay focused. Be driven: I aspired to be financially free. I wanted enjoy […]

Don’t Pay Too Much For Your Property Purchase

Keen to get a good deal on your property purchase? It’s always important to take on board the advice of professionals; however, in saying that, it is fundamental to be weary of the so called ‘tricks of the trade’. Agents are out to achieve the best price for their client – the seller. Buyers, on […]

Before You Bid, Read This (5 ways to win your dream property)

While auctions are certainly the flavour of the day in a strong marketplace, the emotion that they tend to bring out of buyers means that I would prefer to stay away from them unless I’m prepared to pay top dollar. That’s not to say I don’t participate in the deal, in fact nearly three quarters […]

Is Bigger Better – Outer or Inner City?

Last week a client of mine asked me about their next property investment. In particular they wanted to know my thoughts on buying in an area slightly further away from Sydney CBD in a new housing development. The new development covered various styles of housing (townhouses, terraces and units) over 13 ha of manicured and […]

5 renovation fails that you really need to avoid

For those who get bitten by the renovation bug it’s easy to ignore what can go wrong. With a lack of planning and uncertainty around the market you’re aiming to appeal to, dreams of success can quickly turn into a less than desirable reality. Here are some of the failures you need to steer clear […]

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