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    Clients say

    Rob Southwell

    As someone with a strong interest in property investing over the past 15 years, with my own business and family commitments,...

    How we did it

    Andrew Walker

    I’m very very pleased with the result and it translated into real money in two ways: 1) 12 months faster than us trying...

    How we did it

    Cydney O’Sullivan

    I hired Chris Gray as a property consultant to evaluate my investment property portfolio. He gave me a different, sensible...

    How we did it

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    Ultra contemporary apartment with panoramic views Within jus...
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    Superbly located townhouse with broad appeal and a generous ...
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    Light filled apartment with everything at its doorstep Offer...

    Insight from chris gray

    I thought I knew about property

    My name is Luis Lequerica. I am a serial entrepreneur, over the years...

    Will you pay too much tax in 2015 / 2016?

    We’ve only got a day left until the end of the tax year and if you would...

    SHHH! Why Silent Sales Pay

    Buying a property before it goes to market, known in the industry...

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